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A Second Language Is The First Step

Toward Everything A Parent Wants For Their Child

Language unites us, and learning multiple languages unlocks a future within a global society. Being multilingual opens pathways to other skills, like helping kids get into schools and secure better jobs, as well as creating a deeper understanding of other people.

In 2011, founder Caryn Antonini set out to develop an early language learning system unlike anything on the market and her hard work, dedication and research led to the creating the Early Lingo Learning System. The easy-to-use tools make language learning so fun and useful, it’s truly child’s play.

Understanding is Key

There are all kinds of parents in the world; from tiger moms to guerilla dads and even helicopter parents. But for all their differences, they have one thing in common: parents want the best for their children.

Kids Learn 2nd Language
Universal Love

Despite the fact that their kids may spill paint, eat glue and refuse all foods that are green, parents still hope that their imperfect little people will to go to college, succeed in a career and form close connections with other people.

Mom Knows Best

Early Lingo founder Caryn Antonini understands this about parents, and not just because she’s an expert and a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics; but she’s a parent herself!

The Early Lingo Program Basics

The Early Lingo Learning System was designed to make learning a new language fun, easy and fast for children. Our play-centric approach, featuring the lovable animated characters Jojo and Lulu, and the use of Early Lingo’s innovative technology in a variety of products helps children on their path to becoming young global citizens.

  • Start Them Early

    Early Lingo is a foreign language learning system specifically-designed for young children ages 0-9 years old.

  • International Appeal

    Launched in 2011, Early Lingo Language Learning products are now sold in the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.