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Founder & CEO of Early Lingo Caryn Antonini

Meet Founder Caryn Antonini

As the Founder and CEO of Early Lingo, it is Caryn Antonini’s mission to see that our future generations are not only bilingual but also globally aware.

Having learned several languages as a child, Caryn developed a passion for language acquisition and studying other cultures from a young age. Her interest led her to the Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics where she graduated with high honors. During her studies at Georgetown, Caryn cultivated her understanding of how children learn languages and the importance of its connection to their cognitive development.

When Caryn had her own child and wanted to teach him foreign languages at a young age, she found nothing on the market that put into practice what she had learned.

That inspired Caryn to embark on developing a comprehensive program, the end result being the award-winning, innovative Early Lingo Learning System.

The Advantages of the Early Lingo Learning System

Early Lingo is an interactive program that allows young children to become familiar with a foreign language through immersive and repetitive learning techniques. One of the reasons the innovative Early Lingo Learning System works universally is because it uses the Total Immersion Method, a method that immerses the child immediately into the target language with no use of translation.

  • Playful Animation & Live-Action Video

    Early Lingo is a playful approach to learning for children ages 0-9. The use of lovable animation and live-action video create a stimulating visual context.

  • Easy & Convenient Learning

    Children can learn a foreign language in their own home, in the car or on the go at any given time, it′s an easy and convenient learning experience for all.

  • Kids Don′t Learn An Accent

    Early Lingo offers a solid foundation in learning foreign languages. With frequent exposure, any child will be able to speak with no accent and familiarity.

  • Native Speakers Make A Difference

    Early Lingo uses native speakers who articulate, speak slowly and use comprehensible words and phrases that are easy for the child to understand.