Bilingual Through Play by A-List Mom Travel

On March 14, 2013 A-List Mom Travel posted this article reviewing Early Lingo products:

Bilingual Through Play

By now we’ve all read the news showing the cognitive advantages of raising bilingual kids, but while some moms have all the time, energy and funds to instruct their future ambassadors, others are far too busy with their everyday to-dos to really make an effort.

Fortunately, a few companies have stepped up to help the multilingual cause with products intended to teach kids a second language without them ever realizing they are even learning. Check out our roundup of top language toys and products that will turn any tot into a bilingual baby.

1. Deuz Bilingual Flash Cards: No one would ever suspect that your toddler spoke fluent French because of these ABC French/English flashcards from Deuz, so let that be our little secret. With the 26 french/english bilingual flash cards that include upper and lower case letters, babies and tots learn French the easy way while playing with pictures. Printed in France on recycled cardboard, the cards will make for a wonderful display once you’re done using them for language development.

2. Language Learning Baby Blocks: Available in an assortment of 14 languages, these blocks from Uncle Goose are the perfect addition to the global nursery. With the finest craftsmanship and completely non-toxic, your baby will be chomping down on the blocks and spitting out foreign phrases in no time.


3. Early Lingo DVDs: The Early Lingo DVD Series teaches children (ages 6 months to 9 years) either Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, German or English using the total immersion method without any translation. Developed after years of research, the kid friendly characters and animation keep kids transfixed and engaged so the learning happens while they are watching one of their favorite TV shows.

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