10 Productivity Hacks from Women Leaders

productivity hacks

Girls in Tech asked women leaders for their productivity hacks, this is what Caryn Antonini said:

Visualize Your Success 

“As a business owner and mother of 2 young boys, I need to be extremely organized and focused. Every morning I spend 5 minutes or so visualizing what is that I am going to accomplish that day or week and see it playing out in my head. By doing this each project or initiative becomes more tangible in a sense. I become much more efficient when I’ve already seen the “movie” in action.

Another tool is my whiteboard which I review and update constantly. With so many balls in the air, it helps to see everything written down, and coupled with the visualization, I become very clear as to how to execute. Visualization is incredibly helpful to me as it keeps me on target and oftentimes helps me come up with ideas I hadn’t thought of if I hadn’t freed my mind up to expand and be creative.”

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