8 Tips for Designing Mobile Apps for Children

This whole article by Angelica Valentine is amazing and we suggest you read it fully. It contains 8 key elements to designing mobile apps for children that we can all agree with.
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#4 on the list is of course our favorite and mentions Early Lingo and its founder Caryn Antonini…

Children's Mobile Apps

4. Integrate Learning While Playing

Caryn Antonini had the good fortune of learning many languages as a child, giving her an early appreciation for other cultures and a passion for language acquisition. When it came time for college, she attended the Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics, where she studied the effect that learning a foreign language has on a child’s cognitive development. It wasn’t until after she had her own child that she realized how few language education resources existed for children, which is why she founded Early Lingo.

Early Lingo is a language-learning system that has expanded their product line to include mobile apps so that children can continue their education no matter where they are. Antonini told us that what she finds most effective when designing for children is “gamification and creating levels which automatically cause them to compete. Children are learning while playing, which is the ideal scenario and they want to keep playing in order to surpass their friends.”

Antonini admits to using “a few bells and whistles” when designing for children, such as sound effects, stars, and balloons because they are generally appealing to kids, but the bottom line is teaching lessons through games. Children want to succeed, so providing them with a fun, safe space where they can learn and develop new skills is an important step in their development — both from an education and confidence standpoint.

To see our Early Lingo mobile app in action, please watch the video below…

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