Farmer's Market ProduceGoing to the market with children and making dinner can be such mundane tasks day after day and night after night. I like to vary my routine by going to the farmer’s market with my toddler and showing him seasonal produce. He’s now just over 2 and will repeat back to me in either Spanish, Italian or English the names for various foods, which makes it really fun! He especially loves to help me in the kitchen, even if it means that he gets to swirl a wooden spoon around a mixing bowl. Sometimes we’ll have a Spanish Night and make easy chicken quesadillas and guacamole. Other times it will be Chinese Night with stuffed lettuce cups or Italian Night with one of his favorite risotto dishes. Whatever we choose, I introduce new foods, words and cuisines to him, which is all part and parcel of learning languages in a natural environment and celebrating different cultures.

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