Box SetsRecently, I’ve heard from quite a few parents that they are worried that just because they only speak English, their children won’t be able to learn a foreign language.The fact is, you can introduce your child to a foreign language, the child will learn and can even become fluent! It will take a little more diligence on your part as a parent if you truly want your child to speak fluently, but it is entirely possible. I take the example of one of our customers who used Early Lingo to teach his daughter the basics of Mandarin. He himself does not speak a word of Mandarin but bought the DVDs and also has her listening to music, watching Chinese television programs, going to restaurants etc. He now has her enrolled in a Chinese class on the weekends. He is also studying Mandarin now, though I hear that his daughter often corrects him! The point is to make it fun and to introduce the child to all aspects of the culture. There are so many resources these days to learn – from media to people in our communities!
Let us know how you and your children are doing with the Early Lingo Series!