toy bricksThe benefits of early learning are enormous! Children exposed to quality education (i.e., preschool)  from a young age are better equipped to enter Kindergarten and are better off in relationships and in the workplace in their adult years. Too many children in this country are not receiving the education needed and, shockingly, are falling short by the time they reach Kindergarten.

There are many ways to easily and naturally help your child learn the basics from numbers to counting to colors, to opposites, etc. You can even do this in different languages with the Early Lingo DVD Series!

Here are a few tips:

When walking with your toddler up or down stairs, count the stairs.

When preparing a meal, talk to your youngster and show him what foods you are using. Using measuring cups and spoons help with early math skills.

When playing with Legos or your child’s favorite colorful toys, ask your child what color each item is.

You can introduce a new word or two of the day in a foreign language. For example, when driving to preschool, you can point to your car and say the name of it a few times in the new language. Once on the road you can point out other cars. Soon your child will be pointing along with you and repeating the new word!