Red Tricycle Award

My day began very early as neither my 20 month old, nor my dog have adapted to Daylight Saving coming to an end on Sunday. However,  I was glad I was already up and alert when my social media gal sent me an email saying that I had won the Red Tricycle Award! I almost couldn’t believe my eyes, knowing the competition and how many votes had been cast (142,865) with so many accumulating even on the last day!

I want to thank my family and all my friends (and their friends!) and Early Lingo fans who voted for Early Lingo – we couldn’t have done it without you!! It means the world to me to have won this award.

If you haven’t already signed up for Red Tricycle, sign up and check it out! The emails are great – I love finding new places, events and other fun things to do with my little boy.