Caryn Antonini - Founder, Early LingoSince the launch of Early Lingo in January I’ve been staring at the dreaded “From The Blog” section on the website thinking that I would just get to it tomorrow… And then every “tomorrow” when I saw it, it was a constant reminder of one more thing that I hadn’t yet done that day, or the day before. What happened to the old days when I could zip through my to-do list and check off all the boxes with a smile on my face? Answer – a husband, a large dog, a very active1 year old and, oh yeah, Early Lingo.

If only I could get a few more hours in the day to actually return phone calls and emails, make a gourmet dinner (and dessert) like I used to and then wash AND dry all my son’s laundry within the same day… not find it half-mildewed in the washer the next day…okay, 2 days later. Well, no more excuses, it’s finally “tomorrow” – today March, 22nd, and it’s Early Lingo’s first official blog! I’ll take this opportunity to give a big thanks to all my wonderful supporters – friends, family, customers and my incredible production team.