How to Stock Your Fridge and Pantry in a Foreign Language

How many times have you opened the fridge and realized that half the ingredients you need for dinner are missing?! Well, all you to do is learn how to stock your fridge and pantry, and you will be able to cook meals for your family for the entire week and save money while doing so! And, of course, when you go shopping you can practice using all the vocabulary you’ve learned in the Early Lingo At the Market DVD!

Over the next month I’ll show you how to stock your pantry – what foods you can buy once a month, how to stock your fridge – which foods you buy on a weekly or daily basis and how to make lots of meals out of a handful of ingredients. It’s kind of like making 20 outfits out of an 8 piece wardrobe! Plus, when you start shopping seasonally, you and your family won’t get bored eating the same foods, and your kids may even want to try new foods if you let them help you cook. And the best part is that when you shop for the week or the month, you save money by buying in bulk. You can always pick up a few perishable items here and there during the week, but overall, you cut costs.

Now, to drive it back home, before heading out to the market, have your kids help you make a shopping list in a foreign language. It’s great practice, and it bring the language to life!

Since it’s October, here’s how you say pumpkin in Spanish – la calabaza

Stay tuned….