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LAPD Introduces Early Lingo Foreign Language Learning at Newton Community Youth Activities League


Children can have fun learning French with free access to an award-winning language system beginning on August 30 at the Newton Community Police Station.


LOS ANGELES, August 26, 2016 — The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)and Newton Community Youth Activities League (CYAL) will begin offering French language instruction through a partnership with Early Lingo, the award-winning foreign language learning system for children aged 0-9 years. The free, 1-hour education sessions using iPad devices will be available to area families beginning Tuesday, August 30 at 4 p.m. at the Newton Community Police Station, located at 3400 South Central Ave.

“The LAPD is pleased to offer this opportunity to families in the Newton Area,” said Captain III Jorge Rodriguez. “I was born in Havana, Cuba and immigrated to the United States with my parents when I was seven years old. It would’ve been great if foreign language programs like this were available when I was a kid.”

Newton Area Sergeant II Heidi Stoecklein added, “We fully support the Early Lingo Program for the Youth Activities League. It has such a positive impact on
the youth, giving them the opportunity to learn French and see there’s a world outside of what they know.”

Studies show children who are bilingual or multilingual perform better in other academic areas. These children statistically earn higher SAT scores, show
significant gains in IQ performance, and exhibit advanced mental flexibility. The Early Lingo learning system is complete with interactive games and lessons,
original videos, workbooks and flashcards, and a unique written test feature making it fun to learn a foreign language.

“Our mission from day one has been to enrich and enhance the lives of children and families from all walks of life,” said Caryn Antonini, Founder and CEO of Early Lingo. “We’re excited to donate our entire curriculum to the Youth Activities League so children can continue their language education throughout the year.”

In addition to working with police departments and communities, Early Lingo works with the Los Angeles Unified School District and schools in several states
to raise awareness about the long-term benefits of learning foreign languages.

Gaining even basic foreign language skills gives students—especially low income and underprivileged youth—the opportunity to develop communication,
active listening and cultural competency skills that are valuable for the 21st century.

“In order to truly compete in the global marketplace, our children must be multilingual,” Antonini said. “With the new Early Lingo Language Learning app,
we have the ability to reach children all across the nation, at home and in school, giving them the opportunity to grow with greater appreciation for the world we live

About Newton
The Newton Community Police Station serves the neighborhoods of Produce/North-End Business District, Fashion District, South Park District, and
Pueblo Del Rio Housing Development, and is under the jurisdiction of Central Bureau. Newton Area encompasses an area of 9 square miles and has a
population of roughly 150,000 people.

About Early Lingo
Early Lingo is the foreign language learning system for children aged 0-9 years. Launched in 2011, products include online apps, videos, dry erase workbooks,
flashcards and written tests. Currently available in Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German and English, Early Lingo products are sold in the
U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia. The Early Lingo Learning System is currently used in schools in Fiji and the U.S. with plans for expansion. For
more information, visit

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