Cristiano with mixing bowlMy 21-month old son is now mixing all sorts of things, including his languages. For example, when I ask him in Italian to show me the cow, he doesn’t point and say ‘mucca’, but will point and say ‘vaca’, the Spanish word for cow. Or whenever we talk about going for a ride in the ‘macchina’, he gets very excited and says, ‘car, car’.  The point is that he understand the words for everything in all 3 languages – English, Spanish, Italian, and the mix is almost evenly split. Sometimes when he is with his amazing nanny who speaks to him expressly in Spanish, I will enter the room and start speaking Italian. He doesn’t look at me as if I’m crazy, nor does he look confused. It’s what he has grown up with and is accustomed to so it’s natural for him to hear, understand and repeat in any given language. Usually we only understand about 85% of what he’s saying in his constant toddler chatter, with various new and very important (to him!) words of the day thrown into the mix, but everyday he is learning and repeating new words, which are all being stored in the same area of the brain. And by the age of 3 he will have it all sorted out! In the meantime, we’re enjoying the background noise – our house is never quiet!