Spanish Box Set¿No habla español? Doesn’t matter. Just because you don’t speak a foreign language does not mean that your child can’t learn! In fact, I encourage parents to learn alongside their child. There are so many different resources these days for learning a language – from television programs to radio apps from different countries to books, movies and of course, Early Lingo DVDs! And learning with children can be less intimidating, especially if your high school French class was a horrible experience. There is nothing more rewarding that hearing your little one chatter away in a foreign language. My 2 year old who speaks Spanish and Italian has a little friend with whom he primarily speaks Spanish. I love to listen in on their conversations! It’s a good way to encourage a child to speak another language if he or she has a friend who does as well. As a parent, it’s a good way to bond with a child as you’ll have a “secret language”.

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