Preschoolers readingThe pressure to get into preschool is very real. In fact, my husband and I have been going through the process ourselves. Over the weekend I read a story in the New York Times which was intended as an April Fool’s joke about a certain preschool in NYC requiring DNA from their prospective students. (see link below) However, many parents believed it and were readily willing to submit samples! One evening last spring I attended a Preschool Open House here in Los Angeles and was shocked by what I saw. It was similar to what I witnessed years ago when I was going through the process of entering boarding school. Parents and schools desperately trying to network and pitch themselves as the best options. Preschool is really more about the parents with children as an afterthought, but once they’re enrolled, they must perform on their own. The pressures these days are intense, and the more we can do to help our children succeed, the better. I’m not talking about thrusting children into intense after school programs or drilling numbers and letters into their heads, but rather engaging with them naturally through play and everyday activities. Of course, adding another dimension to a child’s life by introducing a foreign language or two is a marvelous option. The gift of language is incredible and one which is best learned as early as possible.

Try the Early Lingo DVD Series over the summer with your child or grandchild. Whether they are already learning a language or not, it’s a great way to keep them learning while entertained.