Cristiano reading Spanish

Is your child learning a foreign language? If so, why not try reading to your child in that language. Or if you don’t feel comfortable, find a native speaker of that language who can read to your child. I’ve recently been stocking up on board books in different languages for my son, Cristiano, as he LOVES books! Here he is reading ¡Ve, Perro, Ve! (Go, Dog, Go!) in Spanish. He doesn’t read yet, of course, but he loves board books and it’s so easy to take advantage of the time when he does sit still to read to him in another language and increase his vocabulary and speaking skills. You can also watch and read (the subtitles) on the Early Lingo DVDs with your child and learn together.

Now available on Amazon: Early Lingo DVDs 4,5, & 6 in English, Spanish and Italian!  French and Mandarin coming very soon!