American FlagsWe have a family friend who served two times in Iraq. I can remember how anguished his mother was while he was away the first time, and how ecstatic she was for her only son and child to return. When he was sent back for the second time, it was almost unbearable. While he was away, we (my family and I) sent him letters every week or two without fail. We also sent big care packages filled with things such as new socks, toothpaste, music and other essentials. This is not about a pat on the back for what we did, but rather to show how much our troops sacrifice and how minor things such as new socks and toothpaste, which we often take for granted, becomes little pieces of luxury for them. Our friend is now safely home, married and has 2 beautiful children. I couldn’t be happier for him and his family.

Thank you to all our veterans for your enormous sacrifice.

From all your friends at Early Lingo.