I remember as a child setting goals for myself and using the school year to mark my progress. Every September I would recall what I had learned the previous year, what I had set out to do and which new challenges I’d undertaken – whether it was reading a certain amount of books over the summer, winning a tennis match, or learning a new language. I did this every year until I’d graduated from Georgetown.

You can help your child to set goals which they can accomplish. It instills confidence and responsibility. If you choose to reward your child, it can be anything from a bookmark to a scented pencil – you’ll find your child will be grow to be filled with pride and less concerned about “the prize”.

This summer Early Lingo is challenging students to improve their language skills and even learn a new one. If you want to join in, let us know!

Early Lingo DVD Box Sets are a great gift and can help you with the foreign language challenge. We currently offer English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and German  (coming very soon!)


Early Lingo Box Sets