parent & childHere’s Part 3 of the language learning tips from your friends at Early Lingo!

7. Learn by talking to each other. Having students practice a language by talking to each other over a meal, for example, is a great way to learn (Gardner, 1983; Dryden & Vos, 1997).
8. Learn by reflecting. It is important to let children take time to”simmer.” There is a dormant stage to language learning. First children absorb the language. Later they begin to speak (Krashen, 1992).
9. Link numbers and words in a playful way (Dryden&Rose,1995). “The more you link, the more you learn” (Vos, 1997). Anything can be linked when learning a second language, including numbers and new vocabulary words (Dryden & Vos, 1997). For example, reciting the numbers from one to ten in Spanish in rhythm is a fun way to begin language learning – “Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez.”

Have fun!!