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Here’s Part 4 of the language learning tips from your friends at Early Lingo!

10. Learn by touching (Dryden & Rose, 1995). Do little finger rhymes in a second language. While you sing or say “Itsy, bitsy spider” have the fingers of each hand touch another finger, as if the spider is climbing.
11.Learn by tasting (Dryden & Rose, 1995). Have youngsters celebrate language learning by eating foods and saying the food name in the new language.
12. Learn by smelling (Dryden & Rose, 1995). Play smelling games. Hide objects in a sack, and have the children guess what is inside. Encourage them to say the new word in the language they are learning.
13.Use the whole world as your classroom (Dryden & Vos, 1997). Turn every outing into a learning experience. You can learn a new language while counting oranges; comparing leaves; classifying different birds, food, or anything that interests the children.

Have fun with language!