Toy BlocksWhile there are so many great early childhood learning centers with foreign language programs – or those looking to introduce them –  plenty of preschool and elementary teachers are looking for new and fun ways to teach children world languages. Why not try Colorforms, the reusable stick-ons that children love to play with. I had a Spanish tutor when I was young who used those to teach me vocabulary about the beach, the farm, etc. A great song I found for Spanish learners is “Spanimals” by The Jimmies. It teaches the names of various animals in Spanish. Very cute! Children’s board books from other countries are easy to read to youngsters and also easy for them to understand. Lastly, when introducing a new language, include objects from that country to have them experience a bit of the culture.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Early Lingo DVD Series, I am very happy to visit your school in person or on Skype and will also donate a DVD of your choice.