My son, pictured to the left, is now 20 months old and trilingual. I’m not suggesting that he is able to converse in all three languages – English, Italian and Spanish – but he certainly understands everything that is said to him in each of those languages. He does actually have a fairly good vocabulary and mixes the languages constantly, as he has moved past uttering words and is now babbling/speaking in full sentences. But this is perfectly normal! By the age of 3, his little brain will have sorted out all the languages and he will know exactly what to say when spoken to in each of these tongues. Not only will my little boy have the benefit of learning 3 languages at a young age and be able to speak with confidence, but he will store all the languages in the same area of his brain as his native tongue (English) and will speak like a native speaker. In fact, his brain will believe all 3 languages to be his native tongue since he was exposed to all 3 since birth.

We regularly use the Early Lingo DVD Series at home, and when he sees an object such as ‘ball’ in the video, he will repeat the word back to us in one of the three languages at any given time.

If you’ve never tried teaching your child a foreign language, try an Early Lingo DVD today and see for yourself the wonders of the young brain!

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