Pregnant Woman WorkingThere have been many articles lately in the news about whether or not women can “have it all” – a family, a career, a life. I believe we can. What is to stop us? There may be certain sacrifices we have to make – feeding baby over exercise or skipping drinks with friends if a little one is sick or business needs more attention. But this is our choice. Personally, I find that I need the challenge and the mental stimulation outside of caring for my children. I am perfectly capable of changing diapers and developing a new business strategy at the same time. Whether or not it’s true that women multitask better than most men, it does seem that we’re able to take on and execute a myriad of responsibilities and feel more powerful for it. I’m not a feminist and am actually very conservative, however, I believe that for the sake of a young girl’s self-confidence, it is very important these days for girls to have strong and successful women in particular with whom they can relate or look up to. When an executive like Marissa Mayer is hired despite the fact that she is pregnant, it speaks volumes. I’m looking forward to reading about her success both personally and professionally. Kudos!

Here’s a recent article from the New York Times on the subject: