Cristiano on phoneLinguist Patricia Kuhl stated that “babies’ brains are like computers without the printers hooked up”. I can see for myself what she means now that my 2 year old is finally using words and phrases in correct context that I’ve been repeating for most of his life. Babies and young children are very sophisticated when it comes to taking in language – don’t for a moment think that it’s a waste of time speaking to a baby or youngster! Whatever you are repeating whether in your native tongue or another, your child will repeat back one day, sometimes in surprising form. The other day I was playing with my son who was pretending to go to sleep and said good night to me in Italian. So I responded in Italian, good night, sweet dreams, and pretended to walk away. He then bolted upright and said ‘buon giorno’!! (good morning!) He has never said this before with such certitude and clear understanding of the language. Although I speak in Italian to my son, Early Lingo has certainly helped with both the building and retention of his language through repetition and the use of vocabulary in rich and related contexts.