Early Lingo in Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine March 2012 Issue

Early Lingo is included this month on page 50 of Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine’s March 2012 Issue in regards to Language Learning.

palm beach illustrated March 2012 - coverpalm beach illustrated magazine features early lingo

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Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine says:

Language Learning

As a multilingual speaker, part-time Palm Beacher Caryn Antonini wanted her infant son to learn another language at an early age. When she couldn’t find adequate teaching tools, she created her own. Anonini’s Early Lingo DVDs present a mis of animation and live-action footage as native-language speakers narrate the playful experiences of Jojo and Lulu, an animated monkey and bird. Importantly, there’s no English translation, so toddlers as young as six months absorb the language by watching and listening. Now, Antonini’s 2-year-old son babbles in English, Italian and Spanish — not your average toddler talk. The DVDs, available in six languages, are sold at C. Orrico, Palm Beach, earlyling.com.

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