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On January 28, 2013  Family Review Center posted this article reviewing Early Lingo products:

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The award-winning Early Lingo DVD Series gives children ages 6 months to 9 years a solid foundation in a second language through an animated and live-action adventure series. Spend a day at the park with Jojo and Lulu learning all about colors and shapes and words for things found in the park in Spanish. Approximately 32 minutes running time and over 90 Spanish words and phrases.

This DVD is the first in a series of 12. Having not watched the other 11, I can guess that each one is great, as this one was most impressive! Jojo and Lulu are fine hosts of this video. They take your child to the park and experience life together, while introducing them to over 90 spanish words! The ease in which it introduces the Spanish language to children who have not been introduced prior, is terrific. Using a storyline that every child can relate to helps them to grasp the language easier than reading words from a book or hearing them on an audio version. This drives it home because they are seeing and hearing the lesson, in a fun manner that they enjoy, which makes for better retention.

Early Lingo offers a DVD series for multiple languages. Be sure to check their site for the information on how you can help your child learn a second language the easy way!

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