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Second Language Stays For Life

Learning Made Fun

Being multilingual can make a world of difference at any age. From understanding games on the playground, to navigating a crowded airport and communicating in the global workforce.

Learning a foreign language has been linked to higher test scores, better executive functioning and overall advances in IQ. It’s a resume builder, but more importantly, a confidence booster.

One of the many advantages of the Early Lingo Learning System is that it helps children master the foundation of a foreign language by starting early in life, and learning through play. With the joyful assistance of Jojo and Lulu, the animated DVDs harness innovative technology to send kids on fun learning adventures – anytime, anywhere.

How The Early Lingo Total Immersion Method Works

The Total Immersion Method immediately immerses the child into the target language with no use of translation – and is proven to be the most effective and natural method of learning a new language. Your child will be mesmerized by entertaining characters and content as they learn!

You can watch the videos in any order as desired, however, when following the Early Lingo Learning System curriculum, please watch the videos in numerical order as the corresponding workbooks build upon themselves. For best results, we recommend children watch the videos at least 4-5 times a week. Here’s a basic rundown of the important elements that make Early Lingo Total Immersion Method such an innovative and educational tool.

Fun & Exciting Visuals

  • Music

    Upbeat jingles are used as a tool to keep the energy level up and maintain pace without distracting the child.

  • Colors

    Bright, vivid colors are utilized to engage and help distinguish objects as the child’s vision is still developing.

  • Live Footage

    Our DVDs also feature footage of real-life, everyday objects and environments because they have been proven to be more effective in teaching than animation alone.

  • Animation

    Early Lingo effectively uses animation as a tool to engage the imagination, not as a primary form of tutoring. Colorful graphics and playful characters engage the attention of the child and break up the lesson.

Easy to Learn

  • Action & Word Specific

    Each object and action is clearly identified by the voice over. Concepts are specific and repeated in multiple scenes to avoid confusion.

  • Repetition

    Repetition plays a vital role in a young child’s learning process. Early Lingo uses repetition in different scenarios to keep lessons interesting and entertaining.

  • Authentic Native Speakers

    Clear and articulate voices native to the language capture the attention of the child – it’s the key to learning without an accent!

  • Age Appropriate

    Early Lingo pinpoints the 0-9 age range. Many learning programs have too broad of a span and are not as effective for foundational learners.