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Give Your Child The Early Lingo Advantage

mulitligual children
Babies are born with a universal knowledge for language – meaning, a baby can learn any language of the world.
What’s even more amazing is that there is no limit to how many languages a child can learn!
Young children store a foreign language in the same area of the brain as their native tongue.
Whereas, adults store it in a different area of the brain, which is why it’s much more difficult to learn a language as you get older.
Kids Learn French
From birth to six months, babies babble using up to 90 different sounds, which also make up the languages of the world. 
Babies are capable of imitating any sound, any of the 6,700 languages around the world.

“Linguistic and cultural competence will be the mark of the well-educated scholar of the 21st century.”
~ Linguists, Cloud & Genesee