Got Questions About The Early Lingo Learning System?

Teach your child a language that is the most likely to be heard or used in his/her everyday environment. For instance, if a parent or caregiver speaks Spanish, make sure that person communicates with your child solely in Spanish.

It’s important to immerse your child in the language with Early Lingo products, other native speakers, music, television, radio, travel, etc. You can also download our FREE Translation Guides to use as a cheat sheet when quizzing your child.

The Total Immersion Method envelops the child immediately into the foreign language with no use of translation. View our How It Works page for more details.

Children’s brains are hardwired to learn any language from birth. Starting as early as possible will help your child to be able to pick up the unique sounds of another language.

No, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Studies show that children build separate language systems in their brains, which allow them to learn other languages without getting confused.


Because the brain creates separate neural pathways for each language, there is no limit to the number of languages a child can learn.

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