Naples Illustrated Recommends Early Lingo

Naples Illustrated recommends Early Lingo


Ashley Huntsberry-Lett


When Caryn Antonini, a part-time resident of Palm Beach and multilingual new mother began searching for a program to teach her infant son foreign languages, the unsatisfactory learning tools that she found disappointed her. Out of the desire to provide her son with the limitless advantages of learning other languages at an early age, Antonini created her own system—Early Lingo.

early lingo dvd box set As a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Languages and Linguistics, Antonini understood the various downfalls of other foreign language tools for children and endeavored to overcome them. Early Lingo does away with unnecessary translation-based language acquisition methods and instead embraces total immersion: presenting only the target language and allowing children to directly learn sentence structure, vocabulary, and more.

Increased audio/visual quality paired with the use of native speakers helps children to clearly understand what is being said and develop a genuine accent—something is impossible with other programs that use non-native voice-overs. Early Lingo is also organized in a neat and logical way to keep ideas in context and facilitate understanding of the material that is presented. A clever series of mini-adventures with animated characters Jojo and Lulu alternate with live-action footage. This format keeps children entertained, but forms solid, real life connections to what they are learning in the new languages as well.

Antonini’s son is now communicating in English, Italian, and Spanish—quite a feat for a two-year-old. With another child on the way, she plans to teach both of her children the other languages that are offered in her series. The Early Lingo DVDs are currently available in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese (Mandarin). Soon to make its debut is a program for learning German, which is quite suitable for Naples’ sizeable German community. Early Lingo can be purchased at or at its most recent expansion: C. Orrico on 13th Avenue South here in Naples. Antonini has ambitious plans to expand into additional retail outlets in town.

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