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Early Lingo

Early Lingo is an excellent first birthday gift, holiday present, or treat for children 6 months-5 years. The 6 video DVD set teaches colors, numbers, the alphabet, food, things in the city and beach, expressions and so much more! You can see mini video clips of each DVD on their website or on YouTube. The DVDs are series of images and animations with basic vocabulary words in a foreign language. They are mostly cartoons, but there are several real life clips.


We have been using Early Lingo as background “noise” while playing. Little man doesn’t watch much tv and doesn’t have the attention to sit and watch. So, by having it on while playing, he will look up every few minutes, hear the spanish word and see the cartoon and go about his business. I think this is something that will take a while for him to grasp, but I’m all for him having a head start when it comes to learning a new language!

We had the Spanish Early Lingo playing during his birthday party, and the moms loved the idea of introducing at such an early age! This would also be great for playdates, daycares, and even road trips.

Research shows that children have a greater advantage over others if they learn a foreign language at the same time they are learning their primary language – the second language will be simultaneously stored neatly and subconsciously in the same area of the brain. The photos and animation are a great way to teach both the english and spanish word!

Each video is about 30 minutes and teaches around 90 new words! The box set is 210 minutes and 450 words and phrases! My 7 year old has even enjoyed watching with her brother. I love that Early Lingo has translation guides for each video on their website so that my 7 year old and I can both read beforehand!

Early Lingo offers Spanish, Chinese,  German, Italian, French, and English DVDs. You can purchase the DVDs separately on Amazon for $19.99 or get all 6 for $99.99!

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