Early Lingo Review and Giveaway

Early Lingo Reviewed by Mom

Reviewed by Mom writes in her latest article:

I know I have told you all before that I am decidedly NOT skilled in languages. I always struggled with foreign languages in high school much to the dismay of Sister Francis Claire (tres sorry Madame!). I think a big part of my problem was that I was not exposed to a foreign language until I was a teenager. My parents only spoke English and no foreign language classes were offered to me until high school. I really, really wish I could speak at least one other language and I am a big advocate for exposing children to other languages from a very early age. I think introducing other languages early on will only open more days later and create better opportunities to communicate with others. When I was approached to try out a DVD put out by Early Lingo I was very excited. This one looked like just the sort of teaching tool I like to use for the kids. Here is the scoop…

She goes on to write:

Early lingo video cover for French Edition 3When the kids and I sat down to watch I was so impressed by the quality of the video….the one we reviewed was Early Lingo Opposites at the Beach (French addition). All three of my children were taken by the real scenery coupled with the animated characters. I was a little dubious about the total immersion method but my kids did not seem put off by it at all. The real life imagery paired with the French word was all the guidance they needed. The narrator spoke slowly and clearly making it easy for the kids to understand and to repeat if they wished. Here is taste of the video we are all learning so much from…


What a great tool for introducing children to a foreign language! The kids really enjoy the mix of animation and real life pictures and I think it helps them to associate the French word with the meaning. This gets a big thumbs up from our entire family! It is also the winner of the highly coveted PTPA award so I am definitely not alone in my impression of this fantastic product!

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