Five Activities for Keeping Children Entertained and Educated This Summer

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Five Activities for Keeping Children Entertained and Educated This Summer

Leading Mom Entrepreneur offers 5 must-do activities to productively pass the time

June 12, 2012 (Los Angeles, CA) – As summer begins parents are left looking for new ways to keep their children entertained. With this in mind, Caryn Antonini, founder of the Early Lingo DVD series for children and a young mother, offers five summer activity tips for parents that not only keep children entertained but also engaged and learning.

Antonini studied languages and linguistics at Georgetown University and developed the Early Lingo DVD series: the first of its kind to use a mini adventure series with the total immersion method to teach children the basics of a second language. The series uses live footage, animation and native speakers.

“It is important that when we turn to a source of entertainment we incorporate some type of education. Learning a foreign language gives children a competitive edge,” explains Antonini. “My 5 must-do summer activities allow parents to keep children entertained, bond with their children and teach them something new, keeping them ahead of the game.”

#1 Take advantage of a road trip or a rainy day – Want to send your children back to school speaking a second language? Try the Early Lingo DVD series in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and German. The 6 DVD series follows adventures such as Colors and Shapes at the Park and Opposites at the Beach.

#2 Channel your inner Rachael Ray – Grocery shopping and cooking with children of any age is a fun activity that not only teaches children to make healthy choices, but also helps them learn new vocabulary, math skills, how to follow directions, team work and sharing.

#3 Treasure Hunts – Treasure hunts incorporate learning and fun! Have two clues – one for the hunt and the second to solve. You can make up clues based on what your children are learning in school or things you’ve taught them about geography, history, etc.

#4 Pick up a new hobby, together – Schedule a few hours a week to learn a new craft together. Sign up for a class or find a DIY hobby.

#5 Be active –  Physical activity inspires creativity. Go for a hike, a beach walk or even pop in a dance or work out DVD in the living room.

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