LA Story – Product Review & Giveaway

L.A. Story Product Review of Early Lingo and Giveaway

What does LA Story have to say about Early Lingo?

The DVD I reviewed with CC, “Colors and Shapes in the Park” Part 1 (of 12) in Spanish, features two friendly, animated characters — Jojo the monkey and Lulu the bird — who take viewers on a vocabulary-filled journey through familiar territory — in this case, the park.

Children are able to see and hear everyday words (colors, shapes, action verbs) and phrases spoken in another language by a cheerful native speaker.

And what’s great about this roughly 25-minute DVD is that it’s totally immersive. No English whatsoever. So it makes kids — and parents — work a little bit to put words with the images on screen. The DVD also repeats words and puts them into different contexts, such as adding color to, say, a boat or a car. It’s not just “un coche” but also “un coche azul.” (Translation: the blue car.)

While phrases like that were simple, figuring out that “jugar” means “to play” took a little more brain power, which is wonderful. We see children with tea sets, toys and in the sandbox, while Jojo repeats “jugar.” The little monkey then asks questions, such as “What color is the car?” In Spanish, of course.

This series is a great way to enhance a child’s second language skills or give her a head start on elementary school language classes.

And for kids who are immersed in a multicultural classroom — and hometown — it gives them one more way to connect with friends.

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