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Posted on March 30, 2013 by Serena

The ability to learn a new language is pretty remarkable in children. There have been studies that children that know two or more languages score better on tests and that they understand concepts better than kids that only know one language (source Early Lingo). I have been amazed my daughter who comes home knowing new words and songs from her German teacher, and thanks to Dora my toddler even knows a little Spanish. They are at the optimal age to learn more languages, and recently we have been using Early Lingo, an early immersion DVD series to teach babies and young children a foreign language. This includes a DVD series featuring six different languages that available, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and German. This total immersion program features 6 DVDs that are organized into 12 interactive programs featuring a unique and interactive approach to learning that is also visually stimulating.

My daughter’s (ages 5 and 21 months) loved watching the French immersion DVDs as we entered into the world of Jojo and Lulu that is filled with vivid colors, lively music and live action scenes. My favorite part of the series is the live action portions where my girls were able to see everyday objects, people and actions that were then spoken in French. This also included repetition where phrases and words were reconnected over and over again, which as Early Lingo noted, “plays a vital role in a young child’s learning process.” Another great feature of this series is that it specifically targets the 0-5 age range so it is honed in on how this demographic learns.

An entertaining, educational, and lively series, the Early Lingo series is truly a total immersion series that kids will love and be exciting to watch and learn from as well as the parents that watch along with them.

Check out a preview of the series below:

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