Teaching Tiny Tots Review for Early Lingo Spanish DVD’s

Teaching Tiny Tots Review of Early Lingo Spanish DVDs

Early Lingo Spanish DVD Review While I was teaching elementary school, I saw first hand how quickly language is acquired when children are very young. I’ve taught classes that had as many as 8 children who came from various countries and had limited, and in some cases no exposure to the English language. Samoan, Filipino, Vietnamese, Spanish were just a few of the languages the children came to school speaking. As I could not speak any of these languages, the children were fully immersed in the English language from the first day of school. It was interesting to see them speak without any accent as well as keep both languages “separate.”

We have always wanted the girls to learn a second language. So I was very excited to have the opportunity to review the Early Lingo DVD’s. Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese, each video series follows the adventures of young characters Jojo and Lulu through activities like At the Market, Alphabet at School, and In the City.

Simple, colorful pictures, repetition and seeing the written word encourage children to mimic what they hear. Early Lingo uses the full immersion approach to learn basic words, verbs and simple phrases in an everyday activities. It is suggested for ages 6 months and up. What a great way to provide visual and audio stimulation for infants. My girls still enjoyed it at age 7 and while watching it, repeated what they heard. After watching it twice, while we were at the grocery store they started naming some of the vegetables and fruits…in Spanish! It was fascinating to see how quickly they applied what they learned after watching it just two times. I wish we had found these DVD’s earlier!

The article goes on to explain more about the series and offer a chance to win three Early Lingo DVDs in the language of your choice.

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