Teaching your child a language when you don’t speak it

Teaching your child a language when you don’t speak it

By Tiernan McKay

We know that teaching kids a second (or third) language is a tremendous help in life, but how do you go about teaching, say, French when you only speak English?

Author Tiernan McKay explains how parent while knowing the benefits of speaking a foreign language might delay in teaching their child, and feel intimidated in doing so because they themselves are monolingual. The article takes insights from Caryn Antonini of Early Lingo.

Just the thought of teaching your child a language you don’t speak can be intimidating, but moms today definitely have a wide range of resources readily available. “There are so many resources these days to help your child learn,” says Antonini. “DVDs, television shows, books and magazines can all be very helpful. I would also encourage moms to seek out native speakers to speak to your child exclusively in the given language.” Another great strategy is to learn the language right alongside of your children.

The article quotes Caryn on why it is best to start now.

Now is the best time to get started. “Every baby is born with the ability to speak any of the 6,000+ languages of the world,” says Antonini. “In the first six months of life, babies babble using 70 different tones, however they start discarding sounds and words they don’t hear in their everyday environment.” Take advantage of your child’s remarkable ability to absorb language skills while she’s young. It’s never too early, but it’s also never too late if your child is beyond the infant years.

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