Thrifty Nifty Mommy Early Lingo Review and Giveaway

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Thrifty Nifty Mommy writes in her latest article:

I still remember this girl that went to my old church who, at the age of six, knew six different languages! I was only a few years older than her at the time, but I couldn’t begin to imagine knowing that many languages! I was so very impressed!

Now that I have a daughter who I plan on homeschooling, I love to take time, even now, to begin to teach her new things. That’s why I was really excited to try out an Early Lingo DVD. These DVD’s are created to help teach your child a foreign language–really! …

She goes on to say…

The videos are geared towards kids 6 months and up. I must admit–I have a tv junkie. She loves to veg out and we have to limit her time with it because she’d watch it all day if we’d let her! She has been stuck on a few certain DVD’s lately, so I wasn’t too sure how she’d handle my putting in a different DVD. Well, I put it on, and she plopped right down on the floor and watched the whole thing! I think she really enjoyed it!! She is still learning to say words in English, but when she does start to talk a little bit more, I’m confident that she will be able to speak and understand the Spanish words that this movie teaches–especially since she has now added it to her handful of “Maggie-approved DVD’s!”

I believe these DVDs are a great way of teaching your child a new language. I’d love to get the entire series to use as a tool in her homeschooling!

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