The Early Lingo German Language Learning System

Early Lingo DVD - German Translations

The Early Lingo German Language Learning System is the first of its kind, offering animated and live-action videos, workbooks and lessons, apps and flashcards that teach your child the basic foundation of a foreign language. The award-winning DVD series is organized into six interactive programs using a playful approach to learning with stimulating visual content of everyday activities featuring the animated characters, Jojo and Lulu.

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Colors & Shapes
at the Park

teach baby german part 1

Spend an exciting day at the park with Jojo & Lulu learning all about different colors and shapes.

Numbers & Counting
at the Farm

teach baby german part 2

Follow Jojo and Lulu in their adventure at the farm to learn numbers and counting
and other related expressions.

at the Beach

teach baby german part 3

A day at the beach with Jojo and Lulu to learn about opposites and words for things found at the beach.

Alphabet at School

teach baby german part 4

Go to school with Jojo and Lulu and learn the alphabet and words for things in and around the classroom.

At the Market

teach baby german part 5

Shop with Jojo and Lulu at various markets and learn words for different foods and things found in the kitchen.

In the City

teach baby german part 6

Jojo travels to various cities to find Lulu. Help him search and learn the words for things found in the city.


german dvd box set

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