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Choose The Perfect Early Lingo App For You

Jojo’s World iPhone & iPad App

Play Now to Unlock the Power of Language

We our proud to introduce our new app JoJo’s World – a completely interactive experience that blends learning with playing. Children learn new words by earning coins and rewards as they progress through the levels and help Jojo in his quest to surprise his friend Lulu with a party for her birthday.

What’s Included:

  • Totally immersive language learning
  • 12 different interactive game levels
  • Over 40 words and phrases
  • Mini game reviews
  • Engaging and entertaining
  • Learning through play

iPad Language Learning App

Our Language Learning Curriculum on the Go

Our award-winning Early Lingo curriculum and language learning DVD’s are now available in five different Language Learning Apps for your iPad at the iTunes Store.

Each app includes
Our Entire Early Lingo Learning Curriculum
for that language: