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Early Lingo DVDs Give Kids a Head Start on Learning a Second Language


When my son was born, I had every intention of being one of those moms who refuses to let her child watch TV until preschool. But, life got in the way. Once I realized how tricky it was to find time to shower or attend to household chores with a newborn around, I started looking for ways to keep my son happy and entertained.For us, the Baby Einstein videos were a lifesaver. My son loved watching the colorful characters and ended up picking up a good deal of preschool readiness skills from our collection of DVDs. I was always disappointed that they didn’t offer a foreign language option, however.

Early Lingo DVDs are similar to Baby Einstein videos, but focus on teaching your child the basics of a foreign language. There are DVDs for French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and English.

Early Lingo recently sent me the Spanish set to review. This is a six DVD set that introduces your child to hundreds of basic vocabulary words, including colors, shapes, letters, opposites, and common foods.

Each DVD follows Jojo and Lulu as they learn several words from the language of your choice. The videos rely heavily on repetition, showing multiple examples of each word and asking the viewer to answer simple questions such as “What color is the apple?”

The videos themselves are fairly short and mix colorful animation with live action footage and pleasant classical style music. They are pleasing for both parent and child to watch.

I really liked that the DVDs in the Early Lingo series didn’t feature a ton of previews I needed to fast forward through. There was also an option to put the DVD on a continual repeat, which I thought was a nice touch because each movie is very short.

The Early Lingo DVDs are recommended for children ages six months through nine years. In my opinion, however, they are probably ideal for children ages two years to six years. My seven-year-old son said the monkey was cute, but he thought the program itself seemed “babyish” in comparison to the other shows he watches.

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