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On May 22, 2013 Those Young Moms posted this article reviewing Early Lingo products:


Early Lingo Language Series


When we had the choice to enroll Tatum in the French Immersion program at her school, we jumped at the chance. Being in Canada, the benefits of being bilingual (or at least knowing a fair amount of the French language) are huge, and we knew that learning a foreign language early on can also boost learning in other ways for children. Learning an early language at a young age has also been shown to provide cognitive advantages that can contribute to future academic success. If we wanted Tatum to have a lifelong benefit of knowing a second language, we knew that starting her as soon as possible was ideal.

I was so thrilled when I was given the opportunity to test out the Early Lingo French Edition Language Series. Being able to supplement Tatum’s learning at home was very important to me, but as someone who has forgotten most of what I learned during my few years of French class, I was concerned about how I would help her outside of the classroom. I had searched YouTube in an effort to find helpful videos to at least get us started, and most of them barely kept Tatum’s attention. The Early Lingo six DVD set (you can also buy each DVD separately) created by foreign language expert and mom Caryn Antonini comes in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and German. I was interested to see if Tatum would sit and watch, and I was happily surprised when she sat for the entire DVD. The DVDs follow along with their two signature characters, Jojo and Lulu, and we were able to enjoy the fun animation, music, real-life footage and vivid colours together. I can see why little ones can become completely immersed in these DVDs — they are really fun to watch!


Something that struck me about the DVDs was their approach to teaching the second language. Each DVD is presented entirely in language chosen by native speakers through repetition and total immersion — meaning no translation. If needed, there is translation available on I really like that aspect of how Early Lingo teaches the language to children. As parents, we all know that repetition is sometimes the only way we can get our kids to pay attention ;) After the DVD was over, some of the new words that Tatum hadn’t yet learned at school yet had sunk in, and she was able to remember them easily when I questioned her on them later in the day. This tool is great not only for children but for parents as well who want to help their children learn, but are unsure of where to start. This is an amazing place to start!

The six-part series of DVD includes Colors and Shapes at the Park (Part 1), Numbers and Counting at the Farm (Part 2), Opposites at the Beach (Part 3), Alphabet at School (Part 4), At the Market (Part 5), and In the City (Part 6). I loved that each DVD was portrayed in a setting that would either be familiar to the child, or enjoyable for them to watch. Tatum’s favourite so far is Opposites at the Beach!


If you’re interested in giving your little ones an early start on learning a second language, I would definitely recommend introducing the Early Lingo language series to them. You can start as early as six months! I’ve been happy with the Early Lingo language series in addition to other exercises we do at home to help Tatum learn, and I’ve already noticed more vocabulary sinking in with her. This award-winning series has so far proven to be beneficial to Tatum’s learning, and I can’t wait to see how it further improves her learning!

If you’d like to take a look at the Early Lingo language series, you can head to their website, or check them out on Facebook!

Disclaimer: I was sent the Early Lingo Foreign Language Series for review. The opinion above is my own.